Posted by: saar18 | October 4, 2009

Adi Granov’s bargains!

This is my first post for this new segment.
I will post this segment when ever I’ll find a comic book with a cover/interior art by my favorite Artist Adi Granov.

Just to tell you how much crazy I am for his art I bought almost 15 books just because he has done the cover/interior in those specifics book.

This week (9.30.09) bargains:
Agents of atlas #11 – Two RobotS AND two Dragons in on cover… Astonishing!
Iron Man director of SHIELD #1,14 – I bought both of those although I’ve the TPBs.
Astonishing X-men: Ghost box #1 – He did half of the interior art for this issue and it look so fucking GOOOOD!

My Adi Granov’s stack so Far:
Iron Man Director of shield #1,9,14,29-35
ASM #552,568(interior),569,595
New Avengers #24
Nova #2,3,5-7,9
AOA #11
FF #539,543
The human torch comics #1
Iron Man Viva Las Vegas #1-2
War Machine #2

Dark Reign: The Cabal #1

Iron Man Extremist TPB

If any of you got any other Adi’s cover please Post a comment here.
Cover I really want are:

Dark Avengers #1 Varinat
Iron man Director of shield #15 Varinet
Iron man Vol3 #75-83
Any of his spider man covers.

Hop you like this stupid little segment 🙂


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