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This is why Adi Granov is my favorite artist!


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what i’m getting this week

Amazing Spider-Man #608
Daredevil #501
Dark Reign List Secret Warriors
Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #3

Haunt #1
Criminal: Sinners #1
Deadpool #16
Sweet Tooth #2
Doctor Voodoo Avenger of the Supernatural #1 (Trial)
Torch #2
Vengeance of Moon Knight #2

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Loeb’s shits!

Comicvine has upload the first part of a video interivw they did with Marvel’s best writer EVER Jeph Loeb.

I tell you, just hearing the plans he has for the future of the series made me puke alot a little in my mouth. The story line is so fucking stupid a childish. How the fuck people over the age of 12 can read his stuff and enjoy it… I really don’t know.

Here is the link

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Special news from ISR!

This is probably going to by the biggest “news” from Israel I’ll ever post on this blog.

Bill Willingham the writer of Fables is coming to Israel!

Bill is going to be in Israel for almost 3 days in which he is going to do signing in The biggest and best comic books shop in Israel Comikaze, lecturing about the writing of Fables and writting comics in general.

It’s not sure yet if I will be going to the signing but it sure is a pleasure having such a great writer as Bill in my little country.

P.S – If I would be going to the signing, some people are going to get a present from me 🙂

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Adi Granov’s bargains!

This is my first post for this new segment.
I will post this segment when ever I’ll find a comic book with a cover/interior art by my favorite Artist Adi Granov.

Just to tell you how much crazy I am for his art I bought almost 15 books just because he has done the cover/interior in those specifics book.

This week (9.30.09) bargains:
Agents of atlas #11 – Two RobotS AND two Dragons in on cover… Astonishing!
Iron Man director of SHIELD #1,14 – I bought both of those although I’ve the TPBs.
Astonishing X-men: Ghost box #1 – He did half of the interior art for this issue and it look so fucking GOOOOD!

My Adi Granov’s stack so Far:
Iron Man Director of shield #1,9,14,29-35
ASM #552,568(interior),569,595
New Avengers #24
Nova #2,3,5-7,9
AOA #11
FF #539,543
The human torch comics #1
Iron Man Viva Las Vegas #1-2
War Machine #2

Dark Reign: The Cabal #1

Iron Man Extremist TPB

If any of you got any other Adi’s cover please Post a comment here.
Cover I really want are:

Dark Avengers #1 Varinat
Iron man Director of shield #15 Varinet
Iron man Vol3 #75-83
Any of his spider man covers.

Hop you like this stupid little segment 🙂

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My 09.30.09 stack:

Thor #603
Secret Warriors #8
Green Lantern #46
Amazing Spider-Man #607
Shang-Chi: Master of Kung-Fu

Blackest Night: Titans #2
Dark Reign: The Sinister Spider-Man #4
Thunderbolts #136

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Welcome to my blog :)

In my blog you could find my stack, the books I picked this corrent week, comics news from Israel and some more special staff. Enjoy!